While trees can add a lot to a piece of property, sometimes it is necessary for tree removal. Whether a tree poses a safety risk to an area or simply makes navigation difficult, we can help.

At Rochester Tree Service Pros, we believe we are the Best Tree Removal Service in town. We offer professional tree removal in Durham and the surrounding areas. Overgrown trees can put a person’s property at risk. They can also be a threat to fences on neighboring property. The amount of damage trees can do is severe, so timely removal is a very wise move.

A tree’s branches aren’t the only threat – roots can destroy sidewalks, driveways, and public utilities. Once this happens, costly repairs will be necessary. In some cases, even a healthy tree may prove problematic simply by taking up too much space at a residential or commercial location.

Our team has the training to handle these issues safely so customers never need to put themselves in harm’s way to get tree removal in Rochester or nearby towns. We also have the appropriate insurance policies and can give customers a copy upon request.

Best Tree Removal Service Rochester, New York.

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Very often, Tree removal requires a very different skill set than tree trimming.  Many companies specialize in tree removal, but not tree trimming, and vice-versa. There are few companies out there who have employees with the skills necessary to do both scientific prunings to ISA standards. Also the ability to safely and effectively remove tricky and potentially dangerous trees in the urban environment.

Required tree removal skills: Rigging knowledge

Typically, certain “rigging” knowledge is necessary to safely cut and lower large heavy scaffold limbs high in a tree’s canopy using rope, knots, and various devices such as pulleys, false crotches, and pricey lowering tools.

Step 1:

In almost all cases in the urban setting, the limbs are stripped from the main trunk and lowered safely to the ground.

Step 2:

Next, specialized spiked metal attachments called “tree spikes” are strapped onto the climbers’ boots. These tree spikes allow the tree removal specialist to move up and down the tree trunk safely without the use of scaffold limbs and the remainder of the tree trunk is sectioned off in “cookies” or small manageable sections and either dropped or lowered safely to the ground.

Tree removal estimates can vary tremendously

Estimates for tree removals can vary tremendously. Large and especially difficult removals can cost many thousands of dollars. Factors such as size, location, and species all impact the effort and cost of the removal.

For example, a large live oak in the backyard over a house can take several days to safely remove and dispose of the brush and debris. Live oak wood takes a long time to cut through due to its density, and large back yard trees have to be brought to the front yard to be chipped and the wood loaded once on the ground. Live oak wood is also extremely heavy and has to be cut into small enough sizes to load onto the wood truck.

Quick and easy rochester tree removal

Conversely, a medium-sized cottonwood tree or Chinese tallow in the front yard close to the street with nothing but lawn below it is a quick and easy removal. The wood on these species is soft, easy to cut through, and typically lightweight. Also, when close to the street, the wood truck can park next to the tree and the limbs can be immediately fed into the chipper. The distance is also minimized for loading up the wood.

Dead Tree Removal

Dead tree removals are especially dangerous. Most dead tree removals require an aerial lift or “bucket”. When a tree has been standing dead for some time, it becomes unsafe to climb. The tree can no longer support itself safely and certainly cannot safely support the weight of a man. The bucket allows the tree removal specialist to carefully rig down the limbs without compromising his own safety.

Importance of removal for inaccessible dead backyard trees

For this reason, inaccessible backyard trees must be removed in a timely manner after they die. If left too long, they will become unsafe to climb and a bucket cannot reach them.

If these trees are large and over structures, a dangerous situation can arise over time. Storms can also be a huge factor in these situations. Many times I have had to decline homeowners’ back yard tree removals where old standing and unsafe aerial lift inaccessible dead trees are involved.

Hire only highly trained tree removal experts

In summary, tree removals should be done by highly trained tree removal experts with a good reputation and proper insurance. Not all tree care companies have employees with the skill sets and experience necessary to safely and efficiently remove large and difficult trees around structures. The cheapest estimate may not always be the wisest choice. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Always ask for insurance and references.

Municipal permits

Many municipalities require permits for tree removals. These are usually based on trunk diameter, and some are also based on species. When in doubt, call your local municipality to discuss these requirements in detail before proceeding. You may be required to fill out forms or the city arborist may need to come out and meet with you. Dead trees can always be removed without a permit.

If you have a question about the health of a tree or need an estimate for tree removal, please contact us for a free quote at (585) 366-8986. 

Reliable and honest

We come when we say we will do the work we promised and leave the property cleaner than it was before we came.


In addition to being a Certified Arborist, Rochester Tree Service Pros has nearly 50 years of combined experience in the field. Often the arborist who consults with the customers lacks the field talent to back him or her up. We absolutely do – from the work itself through to final cleanup.

Competitively priced

Our Team understands that budgets are often limited and subject to change quarter to quarter. We work closely with our commercial clients to understand your constraints and requirements. that’s why we bid for the job, not the hour. And we NEVER sell you services that you do NOT need OR surprise you with a bill that’s larger than what was agreed to.


To protect against any liability should an accident occur on the property, we carry more than $1 million each in workman’s compensation and liability insurance. All of our vehicles are insured and our team maintains our equipment to ensure the highest levels of safety at all times.


Our team of experienced and courteous professionals strives to get the work done with minimal disruption to tenants and visitors. We also can work after hours or on weekends when needed and are available for emergency pruning or removals.


Once customers hire us, they never go anywhere else. All of our customers, commercial and residential, look to use year after year to maintain their trees. Testimonials from some of those customers are here.

Once customers hire us, they never go anywhere else. All of our customers, commercial and residential, look to use year after year to maintain their trees. Testimonials from some of those customers are here.

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