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Best Emergency Tree service, Rochester, New Yorkin the event of an emergency such as a tree on a house, car, shed or other structure, We offers Rochester 24-hour emergency tree service.

Best Emergency Tree service Rochester, New York – A tree fell onto a house is a very common occurrence in a wind storm or rainstorm, especially in the Rochester, NY area. Storms and heavy rain are a common occurrence. When brute force winds come along with wet saturated grounds, trees are bound to fall over. Uprooted trees can cause serious damage.

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Ensure everyone in the house is safe. Trees can come crashing down and smash into houses. Actually landing right on the interior floor if the tree is large enough. If someone is injured, call 911 immediately.

Once you know everyone is okay,  please call to the insurance company next. Inform them of what happened. Also, this is one reason why residents have homeowners insurance. Insurance covers major damages to their homes such as storm damage.

The insurance company will usually recommend a local tree service from their preferred vendor list. Call the tree company right away to receive a free estimate to remove the storm damaged tree from the house.

It is best to use companies with their own cranes and operators like Rochester Tree Service Pros, who also specialize in emergency tree service and have experienced personnel to handle the dangerous work.

Cranes come in very handy for removing trees off houses. Rochester Tree Service Pros owns a crane and has a full-time crane operator. It is very important that crew members work together regularly. It is important for the tip of the iceberg moments like taking huge trees off houses.

Operators of Crane and tree climbers must have excellent communication skills with each other. This facilitates coordination of each piece and cut to be lifted off the house. Our crews and operators at Rochester Tree Service Pros have emergency tree service down to a science. With all the wind storms, and rain storm our company has taken hundreds of trees off houses.

Once the tree has been removed, usually a restoration company is the next to perform service. The restoration company can install a tarp to cover the hole in the roof.

Sometimes, we provide this service but we recommend this be done by the restoration company, and we have good references. We can also coordinate with them to have this done for our customers.


Insurance companies will cover trees that fall onto a structure and removing the tree back to the uprooted root ball to the property line. Everything is done within property line boundaries.

The insurance companies will request that the emergency tree service estimate be itemized to separate the cost of removing the tree from the house, and hauling the wood.

If a tree does not hit a structure at all, then the insurance company generally does not get involved in the process and is not responsible for footing the bill. It really depends on the insurance company and policy a homeowner has on their dwelling.

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